3 quick questions with GigAssembly’s founder

Who are you?

“My name is Sohaila Bagger-Sjöbäck, CEO and founder of the consulting company Novare Interim & Recruitment (link), now also CEO and founder of GigAssembly. Since I started my career in the recruitment industry almost 20 years ago, there have been major changes on the labor market, and it has never been as exciting as it is now. The rapid technical development, combined with the desire to create a more efficient society, has never been more tangible than now. I am extremely inspired by all the innovative forces, regardless of industry, who has the energy to constantly twist and turn existing routines and processes, and who dares to try new approaches.”

Why did you start GigAssembly?

“The growing gig economy is here to stay. Even before the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic we could see clear signs that the labor market is changing fundamentally. More and more people are showing interest in working as freelancers with better possibilities to manage their own time, at the same time as the rapid technical development places ever higher demands on companies to constantly adapt their operations and skills supply. We saw that the recruitment process for more temporary assignments needed to be streamlined, without deviating from existing quality assurance processes that are a must in today’s labor market. Via GigAssembly’s digital meeting place, we want to help companies and professional freelancers find each other without compromising on quality. It should be quick and easy to match the right skills, without any unnecessary intermediaries. At the same time, our corporate customers can be confident that a background check has been carried out on all registered consultant profiles.”

Who is GigAssembly for?

“GigAssembly welcomes all professional freelancers, giggers and interim consultants. It doesn’t matter what you identify as, the common denominator for all consultants within the network is that they offer services for time-limited work assignments, and that they are able to invoice for their service on their own. We are not involved in the transactions between the consultants and the clients. The actual platform is primarily a tool for companies that already have a clear idea of what skills they are looking for, and who want to streamline the recruitment process by searching for available freelancers directly in the platform. Since GigAssembly is part of the HR group Novare with specialist expertise in recruitment, our team can also assist with extra support during the recruitment phase if requested.

To begin with, our network of freelancers focuses on skills within HR, finance, marketing, administration and sales, but it is also possible to find other more industry-independent proficiencies. Over time, we see that GigAssembly’s network will expand even further and become the primary platform for finding Sweden’s most professional giggers regardless of industry.”

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