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How it works

We offer an alternative for those who want to streamline their recruitment process and lower the consulting fees. By giving free access to our consultant database, you can search, find and contact qualified consultants directly yourself. It’s simple and also safe because all consultants have been verified before published in the platform.

Save up to half a million SEK

per consultant and year by avoiding the consulting firms mark-ups.


all consultants have been verified before published on the platform.

User-friendly search tool

ranked as one of Sweden’s best gig platforms according to GoDigy.

Our pricing model – it’s simple

Lower your consulting fees by avoiding to pay the consulting firms mark-ups on the consultant’s hourly rate. When you find a consultant directly via our platform, you only pay a fixed one-off cost to us, regardless of the length of the assignment. For assignments shorter than three months, however, we can offer a lower price based on the length and nature of the assignment, please contact us for a price proposal.

Fixed finder’s fee

per consultant and assignment

25 000 SEK

Assignments shorter than 3 months?

Please contact us for price proposal.

Need a consultant

who matches your requirements?

Create a business account for free, for one or more users.

Search for consultants directly in our database.

Contact the consultants who match your needs.

Pay only a fixed finder's fee when you hire someone.

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Build your own internal database

Is your company interested in building an internal database to more easily structure your competence supply? GigAssembly’s database structure with user friendly search tools can be adapted to different brands and digital environments. Get in touch with us and we can create a tailor-made solution just for you.

Create your profile and make it visible to our network, for free.

It's easy to get started with our automatic CV integration tool.

You do the job, you get paid for the job. We don't take any cuts.

Instead of chasing new gigs, let the clients find you via our platform.

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