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These days call for rapid mobility and flexibility, not least when it comes to the labor market. We understand the companies’ challenges, which is why we have made it easier for companies that already know what they are looking for, to search and find professional consultants for gig assignments.

With 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we have an extensive network of consultants, and we use proven quality assurance methods to ensure that only serious professionals are presented in the platform. All consultants who register must verify themselves with a personal BankID, which allows us to guarantee that no fake accounts are created. In addition, a background check of all registered profiles is performed before they are published in the platform. The background checks are conducted by our collaboration partner Valida.

GigAssembly makes it easy, no middlemen and no surcharges. As a company, you only pay a fixed finder’s fee at one occasion if you decide to hire a consultant presented in the platform.

Quality-assurance of all consultants

Identity verification

To ensure that that no fake accounts are created, everyone is required to register with a personal BankID.

Background check

Before publishing the profiles in the platform, background checks are performed to confirm education and certificates.

Reference check

In the platform, you can read reviews from previous clients with a rating system from one to five.

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who matches your requirements?

Create a business account for free, for one or more users.

Search for consultants directly in our database.

Contact the consultants who match your needs.

Pay only a fixed finder's fee when you hire someone.

Our pricing model – it’s simple

Lower your consulting fees by avoiding to pay the consulting firms mark-ups on the consultant’s hourly rate. When you find a consultant directly via our platform, you only pay a fixed one-off cost to us, regardless of the length of the assignment. For assignments shorter than three months, however, we can offer a lower price based on the length and nature of the assignment, please contact us for a price proposal.

Fixed finder’s fee

per consultant and assignment

25 000 SEK

Assignments shorter than 3 months?

Please contact us for price proposal.

Do you need extra support in the recruitment process?

Get help from our experienced team.

Competence-based interview

30 000 SEK

The order includes that we, together with you, formulate a requirements profile for the assignment, and perform two competence-based interviews (for the same assignment).

Reference check

5 000 SEK

The order includes that we take references from two previous clients, compile the feedback and get back to you with a summary.

Build your own internal database

Is your company interested in building an internal database to more easily structure your competence supply? GigAssembly’s database structure with user friendly search tools can be adapted to different brands and digital environments. Get in touch with us and we can create a tailor-made solution just for you.

Frequently asked questions

Unlike many other gig-platforms, GigAssembly is a digital meeting place and nothing more. Through our platform, freelance consultants can create their profile and make themselves visible to potential clients within Novare’s extensive network, and it is the companies that use the platform to search for qualified consultants. No job advertisements from the companies, no competing bids from the consultants, only an advanced and user-friendly digital tool that connects companies with professional and quality-assured consultants. When a consultant is hired, the company pays a fixed finder’s fee to GigAssembly who provided the search tool. After that, it is up to the company and the consultant to set the terms of agreement themselves, without any involvement by GigAssembly.
We make it easy without compromising on quality. With over 20 years of experience in recruitment in various industries, we are confident in using proven quality assurance methods to ensure that we only present serious and professional candidates. Since everyone who creates a profile registers with a personal BankID, we can guarantee that no fake accounts are presented in the platform. In addition, a background check is carried out on all registered profiles, which includes verification of diplomas and certificates. The background checks are performed by our collaboration partner Valida, who supports companies with various services related to the recruitment process, such as background checks of potential candidates to verify that the information provided is correct. As an additional service, we can also offer reference checks from previous employers, as well as conducting interviews with potential candidates.
It’s free to register a business account. However, as a company, you pay a small fee to get access to direct contact details to potential candidates who might be relevant for a gig assignment. Should your company then decide to hire a consultant from GigAssembly’s platform, the company will pay a fixed finder’s fee to GigAssembly who provided the search tool. GigAssembly’s consultants never pay anything, neither when registering nor when he or she is hired for an assignment.
Absolutely, it is possible to create several user accounts with different permissions on the same business account. The person who registers the business account automatically becomes a superuser with full authorization, but other users within the same account can also be assigned the role as superuser.
Yes, you can delete your business account at any time with a 30-day notice period. Thereafter, all personal information about you will be erased or anonymized, with the exception of such information that we are required by law to retain. Read more about GigAssembly’s general terms and conditions for businesses.