Here is our Privacy Policy (in Swedish) where you can read in detail about how we process your personal data.

A short summary of the most important details in the privacy policy:

– GigAssembly strives to safeguard the individual’s integrity in all our contacts with regard to how we handle, store and protect personal data.

– By personal data is meant everything that can be linked to a person. It can be name, contact information or CV.

– Our storage of personal data is always based on law, agreement, consent or balance of interests.

– Personal data that is classified as sensitive will only be processed after obtaining a special consent from you.

– You can always check, change or request to have your information deleted by contacting us.


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Analysis tools

We measure and analyze the traffic on our website in order to evaluate and develop our way of presenting information and developing functionalities. We only use anonymised data in our analyzes.